If you are wondering about the possibility of withdrawing the bonus allocated to you by the online casino you are playing in, you are in the right place. First, you will need to learn about these casino bonuses, and the best place to do so is here at 1casino-bonuses . These bonuses are offered in the form of free spins, bonus rounds, or a certain amount of money which is usually specified. If the casino offers €100 upon registration, can you withdraw it? You need to find out.

The Concept of Wagering Requirements

So, what are the wagering requirements? Simply put, these are the rules or conditions attached to the bonus offered by the online casino. These conditions stipulate the qualifications you would need to achieve before you are allowed to cash out your bonuses or any wins made while playing at that casino. In most cases, they are usually in the form of a minimum amount of money you need to win or accumulate at the casino or the number of times you need to rollover your bet before you can withdraw.

Wagering requirements, by their very nature, technically make it impossible for players to withdraw casino bonuses. The online casino ensures you stand very little chance of winning from the bonus by stipulating that you play your combined bet a number of times, which may be up to 50 times before you can withdraw. Truth be told, by the time you are halfway through, all your bet could have been used up. You will, therefore, have nothing to withdraw from the casino at the end of the day.

Legal Requirements to Fulfill

Online casinos need to fulfill certain legal requirements to avoid nasty repercussions. Since they deal with money, they have to be very careful not to find themselves embroiled in financial misdeeds, such as money laundering. If they allowed players to withdraw the casino bonuses at will, they would be turning their casinos into conduits of money laundering where players would deposit dirty money into the casinos and withdraw it immediately, having cleaned it. This would have serious legal implications for the casino. Casinos have to find ways of restricting the withdrawal of bonuses.

Money laundering has been on the rise globally, and most criminals turn to online casinos to clean their ill-gotten financial loot. Laundering money is considered a very serious crime in many countries, and in some cases even attracts a death sentence. No online casino would want to get on the wrong side of the law because it may risk closure, freezing of assets, and protracted court cases. For this reason, online casinos have no qualms sticking to any money you accumulate using their bonuses by slapping wagering requirements on it.

Beating the Competition

Online casinos really don't mean to splash around some money, especially if they are just starting. The competition in the casino gaming world can be crippling with new entries reported almost every day. To stay afloat, casinos often have to find a way of drawing players to their site, even if they play only once. So, the moment you sign up and make the first deposit, the casino thanks its stars. You can as well leave for all they may care. Essentially, casinos are in business to make money.

It would, therefore, mean that online casinos would be in serious trouble if they allowed players to withdraw their bonuses. This would be the case for those casinos that offer no deposit bonuses because joyriders would take advantage of the bonuses to reap where they haven't planted. They would just cash out and leave the casino smirking with losses. By attaching wagering requirements on these bonuses, they ensure that no joyride would benefit from free cash, no matter how crafty they may be. Just don't hope for free money from a casino.

The Bottom Line

Technically speaking, you won't be able to withdraw casino bonuses. First, it beats the logic of casino gaming to have the bonuses withdrawn by players without their input. Second, to prevent money laundering, online casinos cannot allow you to cash out their bonuses. And the infamous wagering requirements make it practically impossible for you to withdraw any winnings made from the bonuses. This means that you will have to deposit more if you still wish to get something substantial out of the online casino. But keep in mind that winning is not guaranteed.