Resurrection Pass Ultra Trail Races
Between Hope and Cooper Landing, Alaska

The Resurrection Pass 50 and 100 mile trail races are low key, relatively self-supported running races on a US Forest Service trail between Hope on the north and Cooper Landing on the south on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. The Resurrection Pass Trail was part of a route used by early gold miners to get from Resurrection Bay near Seward, AK, to mining claims along Turnagain Arm. The trail is now a National Recreation Trail maintained by the USFS.

Race dates: August 8-9, 2014

To sign up for the run, please contact the race directors at: resurrectionruns@gmail.com

Res Pass 100 miler
Starts: Friday, August 8 at 3PM
Location: Resurrection Pass Trailhead in Hope
Race will start at the Hope Post office at 3PM sharp
Res Pass 50 miler
Starts: Saturday, August 9 at 6AM
Location: Resurrection Pass Trailhead in Cooper Landing
Race will start at the Res Pass Trailhead in Cooper Landing at 6AM sharp
To sign up or get more info, contact RD at

Attention: Revised course (starting 2013, I'm leaving some of the old information online for historical reference):

The Resurrection Pass 100 will start on Friday, August 9th as scheduled. However, the race will start where Palmer Creek Road intersects the Hope Highway near Hope. The first four miles will run the roads to the Resurrection Pass Trailhead. Then, the run will be over Resurrection Pass and down to the trailhead in Cooper Landing. As runners ascend back up toward Resurrection Pass, they will take a 20 mile out and back section on the Devil's Pass Trail to its trailhead and back to the Resurrection Pass Trail. They will then finish the Resurrection Trail to its terminus at the trailhead in Hope for the finish.

We will meet and carpool people from the trailhead to the intersection of the Hope Highway and Palmer Creek Rd starting at 2PM. Also, This allows runners to leave drop bags for the 42 mile point at the Res Pass Trailhead in Cooper Landing, and at the 70 mile mark at the Devil's Pass Trailhead.

For the 50 miler, runners will start the the Resurrection Pass Trailhead in Cooper Landing as before at the prescribed time. They will run up near Resurrection Pass before taking the detour on a 12 mile out-and-back section on the Devil's Pass Trail. NOTE THAT RUNNERS WILL NOT REACH THE TRAILHEAD!!! Then, they will head south to the Resurrection Pass Trailhead in Hope. We hope to have some goodies for 50mile runners at the turnaround point for the 50 miler.


Note: These directions apply to the old course (before 2013), but are left for now, since much of the course is the same. However, distances will be different. Same goes for the map and elevation profile. There's not enough time to generate new map and profile at the moment. Information in the above paragraphs supercedes material elsewhere on this website.

100-mi race starts: Friday 3:00pm at Coeur d'Alene Campground on Palmer Creek Road near Hope. Meet at 2:00pm at Hope School (finish area) and carpool to the race start at the campground. (76mi USFS dirt trail, 24mi gravel road with 12mi at start and 12mi at finish).

  50-mi race starts: Saturday, Aug 10, 6:00am at Cooper Landing Trailhead just off Sterling Highway. Meet at 5:00am at the trailhead. Point-to-point course, so may need to make arrangements for shuttling or carpooling. (38mi USFS dirt trail then 12mi gravel road)

Both races have unofficial cutoffs at 7:00pm on Saturday at Hope School (28hrs for 100milers, 13hrs for 50milers). All racers are free to continue on their own, but aid stations in the last 12 miles are closed.

Directions: To get to the start of the 50 Miler from Anchorage, take the New Seward Highway to Sterling Highway.  Proceed on the Sterling Highway to Cooper Landing. After passing through Cooper Landing, cross over the bridge over the Kenai River, and the Resurrection Pass Trailhead will be on the right, just beyond a large gravel parking area.  Turn right into the USFS parking area, which isn't visible from the road. It takes about 2 hours to drive from Anchorage to the start at legal speeds.

To get to the finish of the 50 Miler and the meeting place / finish of the 100 Miler, take the New Seward Highway to the Hope turnoff.  Follow the Hope Highway almost to Hope then turn left onto Resurrection Road (toward Palmer Creek Road but don't go that far). The first left takes you to Hope School where the100mile racers meet and can leave their cars at the finish line. They then carpool up Palmer Creek Road to Couer d'Alene Campground for the start. Finish for both races is at the Hope School.

100-mi race
Begins at Coeur d'Alene Campground, and heads south very briefly, then turns north along the smooth gravel Palmer Creek Road, descends about 1400 ft over 8mi to Resurrection Road, turns a little west then south 4 mi to the Hope trailhead (12mi of gravel road). There is a small aid station with your drop bags where you can pick up your supplies for the next 38 miles along the Resurrection Pass Trail. There are no road crossings, and you will be on your own, getting water as needed from the streams (most people treat the stream water - lots of wildlife in the area). After an incredible journey, partly through the night, you'll arrive to the friendly greetings of the major aid station at 50 miles at the Cooper Landing trailhead. After you're warmed, have chowed down on food and beverages provided at the aid station, and resupplied your own gear, then you head back out into the dark for the return journey - 38mi by trail, 4mi mostly north and a little east by gravel road, then 4mi up the 1400-ft hill of Palmer Creek Road, then 4mi back down to the finish at Hope School and finish line camaraderie.

Aid stations / drop bags for 100-mi race: At Hope trailhead, mile 12, you can pick up your main supplies for the 38-mi journey to Cooper Landing trailhead. Fast runners arrive near midnight-ish. The 50-mi turnaround aid station for the 100milers usually has hot soup, salted potatoes, and the usual snack food assortment. On the return, there is aid at 88-mi, Hope trailhead and at mile 96 at top of hill on Palmer Creek Road, before dropping back down to the finish at Hope School.

There is an aid station at the trailhead where you can also resupply from your drop bag and enjoy aid station goodies and another aid station at top of hill on Palmer Creek Road, just before your descent back to the finish.

50-mi race: Begins at Cooper Landing Trailhead, traverses 38mi to Hope trailhead where there's an aid station where you can pick up your own supplies or get supplies from aid station. Then the 12 mi of gravel road to the finish. There is also an aid station at top of hill on Palmer Creek Road, about 4mi from finish.


Temperatures in early August in the Kenai Mountains can vary between 30s and 70s. It can be warm and sunny or cold, windy, and rainy. Prepare appropriately. Remember there's 38mi between trailheads and no roads.

Bears and moose have the right of way.

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