Cash for Cars in Los Angeles

Have you been looking for an easy way to get rid of your hunk of junk, without settling for a low-ball price?

Or maybe it’s not a hunk of junk, but you just don’t want to go through the hassle of a long, drawn out selling process. Well, we have good news! Getting cash for cars in Los Angeles is as easy as one – two – three. Our hassle free system will have you on your way with your cash in no time.

Here are the three easy steps to selling us your car:

1) Call us at 519-687-AUTO (2866)

2) We will give you an estimate right away, over the phone. We will use the stock weight of your vehicle, and the current scrap metal price to give you an exact amount for your car.

3) Bring in your car and we will pay you on the spot. We schedule a time that’s convenient for you to bring in the car. As soon as you drop it off, we’ll do a bit of paperwork, and then we’ll pay you. Once we’ve paid you we will begin working to recycle your used car.

EZ Cash for Cars Los Angeles
5747 Laurel Canyon Boulevard
Unit #1, Valley Village, CA
(323) 285-3236

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Suing for Social Media Defamation

Can you sue for social media post bashing online?

When a social media user experiences reputation damaged due to a negative comment made on Facebook, Twitter, or through other popular mediums of social media, defamation may become a pursuit they will consider against the offending party. By filing a libel tort lawsuit, they can consider the possible compensation recovery for the damages caused by another against their reputation.

Defamation Online

As social media begins to be a cultural norm for how we communicate with others in our personal lives and in business, online commentary sites such as Yelp, Amazon, and other popular sites that allow consumers to voice their views on products and services, multitudes of other consumers are able to read these commentaries. Often, social media websites operate around the notion that internet website users can and should be permitted to share this information. Quite frequently, sharing happens with no forethought to information truthfulness and more importantly absent of any regulations by the website’s staff.

In addition, anonymous site users let consumers post their true thoughts in an instant. They can act in complete anonymity and may act in ways they would not in the physical world outside the internet. Internet reviewers are often given outpouring attention and support when they ridicule others. The vast majority of websites screen only for inappropriate content as far as swear words and sexual content, but often they don’t check for content that is or can become defamatory.

Potential Defendants

While some victims of defamatory comments hope to pursue online service providers or websites owners hopes of obtaining significant defamation damage awards, federal law( prohibits this activity due to legislation dubbed, the “Communications Decency Act”. Individuals who have been defamed are forced to file claims against the person or entity that lodged the negative statement, which is most commonly done by filing a complaint in the appropriate court according to state.

Defamation Elements Explained

The laws of each state can slightly vary, but basically all defamation lawsuits are quite similar. Generally, defamation is considered to be an untrue statement that is published in physical print or online that causes injury to a victim’s reputation.

False Statements

A victim has the burden of proving the statement published is untrue. The entire defense rests on the truth in a defamation lawsuit.

Presumed Factual Statements

The defamatory statement allegations must be shown to be not just an opinion, but fact. However, an opinion can sometimes be considered a factual statement if a reasonable person would have considered the statement as such.

Published Statements

The definition of published has changed over the years to include not only when something is literally in physical print such as in a magazine or a newspaper, but also when in electronic print on a website or blog or even when a potentially defamatory statement is made in front of an audience or any third party. Providing evidence that a statement was published is generally pretty easy in the instance of social media, provided that the plaintiff can provide evidence that the content was present on the webpage in digital print. The content is considered published no matter how many people have read it whether it’s just a couple, thousands, or millions who viewed it on a social media page.Exceptional Personal Injury Lawyers In Calgary


For a plaintiff to be victorious in a defamation lawsuit, they must be able to provide sufficient evidence that the defamatory statement damaged them in some significant way. It must be shown that the damage was vital, quantifiable, and documented. This is generally done by providing evidence that the victim’s reputation has been damaged. If the defamed was insulted online and was a business owner, damages may be evident by the loss of profit.

Some statements are so obviously injurious to a victim that they may not even need to depict actual damages. Some examples are statements accusing the offended of being a criminal, incompetent in their job, or accusing the individual of sexual conduct or of being infected with a disease. A popular test in figuring out if an individuals reputation has been damaged is if the statement would tarnish the opinion of the individual among their peers.

Social Media Defamation – Examples

Though not all mean or or unkind statements allow a consumer to take legal action, many statements are. To provide an example, if a person is accused on social media of abusing his partner or kids, this type of statement would almost certainly be seen as defamatory if it were a lie. Even in an instance where a person posts statements that are only true in part, he or she can be deemed liable for defamation. Another prime example is when a person claims an individual was fired from a job for harassment. Just because the individual was fired does not necessarily mean it was for harassment so this is a lie. The court may judge defamation was still existent even if the statement was partially true.

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Calgary, AB T2P 4K9
(587) 288-1862
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Car Dealers Are The Worst Option When Selling A Used Car

There are several options to receive cash for used cars, but a car dealership should not be one of them. While selling your used car or truck to a car dealer may be tempting, it is not the best decision, as the dealer does not have your best interest in mind. The dealership will offer you a low price to allow them to make a profit when they resell the car. This price is often about half of what the car is worth.

old used cars


If you do manage to sell your car for more than this to a dealer, there is often a lot of haggling that takes place, which can last for days. To avoid all this hassle, give EZ Cash for Cars a call. We will offer you a fair price for your car the first time with no negotiations needed. To make it even easier on you, we will come pick up your old used car at your convenience. We will give you the best price for your car, even if it is not running.

EZ Cash for Cars San Diego
1134 11th Ave, #13
San Diego, CA
(619) 273-3006

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Maximize your Limousine Experience

Don’t leave limo transport to chance

When organizing accommodation for guests who are unfamiliar with your wedding location, it is wise to think about providing them with transport, perhaps from a wedding limo Vancouver, to both the wedding service, Reception and to their accommodation. This will help to prevent concerns over travelling unfamiliar routes in unknown towns or cities, and worrying about who will drive.


You could consider using the services of a charter bus or shuttle, which can carry out a couple of trips, each one able to transport approximately sixty passengers. Alternatively, you could choose to really add character to your wedding occasion by opting for a fleet of yellow party buses, or cause a commotion by ordering a big double decker bus instead of a limo for an impressive city wedding!

View this to look at a limousine getting crushed.

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Reignite: Your Limo Experience

Ensure that everyone enjoys the limo ride

 You are not expected as part of wedding etiquette to provide vehicles for bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, they will be working hard for you, so it would be lovely to ensure that they do not need to worry about their transport. You could think about ordering them their very own limousine or trolley if you are not all travelling together to the ceremony.


Once the wedding ceremony is over, you could all travel together in your limousine if you wish, having the best time and great limousine ride to the Reception. When the evening is over, and you have both gone on towards your honeymoon destination, your groomsmen and bridesmaids will love to feel the luxurious comfort of a limo or guest shuttle to their journey back to the hotel or other venue.

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